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Specifically this bit:
ROSE: Of course thess stories are acutually bullshit. They didn't happen in realaity. But thef act that they'rare bullshit makes them more inshresting. 
ROSE: Men have crefted many stories that are bullshit out of symbols risen from the abyss of coinsciousness withou necesharily knowing whath e fuck they were doing or saying, as they flounered around for some truth. 
ROSE: Bust in spite of themseleves they would for howefer briefly cross through a ray of light regarless. Becuss of the sbymbols. Dave.. The symbols hol dall the power. 

There's actually a ton in the opus as a whole; I wish I had time and better grounding in order to do a real discussion of it.  As it is, I don't have formal academic training in psychology beyond a few required courses and one clinical rotation, so I don't really think I'm qualified to analyse the entire corpus.  Someone could, you know, fund me to do so, though.  

rev_marsh: a view of a sunset in a sort of dytopian city, high up in the skyscrapers, sort of isometric view (dave's house)
I had a dream a while ago - before I read Homestuck, in fact, before I reunited with The Artist who suggested it to me - that had a view very much like this. When I got to Dave's part and the view of his home, his city, the firey sky, I was immediately struck by the view, by the similiarities. I remember the awe of recognition, the climbing esophageal tingle, and I caught my breath and just stared at it.

Being a Jungian I am often trying to unpack my dreams, the nature of things that appear coincidental, and reading Homestuck, I find it very, very Jungian. Archetypes, a mythology, transformative experiences, mandalas, quadrants/things in sets of four, the specifics of character development, and and so on, it's so packed I'm surprised people haven't talked about it this way. I suppose that's because psychoanalytic styles are quaint now; CBT's all the rage, insurance doesn't like to pay for long-term therapy. (I met a guy giving a talk over at, of all places, the law school at my university, who described himself as a Freudian. Now that seemed antique!)

Anyhow, this dream seemed very important to me. It was before I started my new graduate program, but I think after I was accepted. It was a building with three levels. On the bottom, people were running, like in gym class or for a weird 5k training program. They ran in practice along the bottom level, back and forth in corridors like a school. It was dim. On the second level were two men, one of whom was a priest. They were discussing loopholes for sexual activity within the priesthood. On the third level, except it was so high up I could see the rest of the city, and the view was this hot, hot summer sunset, a steelworking region's violent summer sunset, the same as Dave's view, this icon here. This room was a laboratory, and it was being cleaned by a fleet of Soviet-seeming cleaning women, in preparation to be used again.

Anyway, I nabbed some icons. I don't really feel the kids too much, but Dave's the closest, but his desolate world strikes some chord in me that I haven't fully discovered the source of yet. So it'll be my default icon for now, because it is recognizable but doesn't really speak too much to any one character. And that's how I like it - I don't want to subscribe to one character more than another, since the whole thing is a journey epic, one without a real main character, just focal points. The journey is the story. The images are there, and they're pulled from so much history I wish I had the time and knowledge to really dissect it.


rev_marsh: a view of a sunset in a sort of dytopian city, high up in the skyscrapers, sort of isometric view (Default)

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