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Jul. 28th, 2017 02:45 pm
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Somehow in the last week or two I've just been on the down slope again, after being pretty stable for months. I'm not impressed and want that to stop asap. I took today off work, actually, because I badly wanted to yesterday and the day before and kept feeling like I was going to just break into tears at my desk over nothing. And yesterday when I left I had cleared my desk of all immediate deadlines, so they can probably get by without me today. (I'm an entire department; all the project teams in the roughly 200-person company route material through me alone. Makes it hard to take days off with a clear conscience.)

This morning was nice and relaxing, though; I spent most of it slowly sipping cold brew coffee and playing Atelier Sophie, which is the first of the Atelier series that I've played since the PS2 ones. It's basically exactly what I want from a comfort game: lots of gathering and crafting, pleasing bright colors, a little bit of simple combat. It's also ridiculously wholesome, to the point where I'm imagining the characters doing filthy things to each other out of self-defense. (Harol completely fucking up Julio's paladin composure pls)

I need to get myself in gear now and work on finishing up my raremales assignment, which is due Monday. I have a good start and I know where I want it to go, so it's just butt-in-chair make-words-happen time. Wuff.
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I am still not dead! Not many things of great import have been happening, or at least not things I can talk about in detail yet. I'm still flinging myself at exchanges at an alarming rate; right now both [community profile] darkestnightex (all varieties of darkfic themes) and [community profile] fandomgrowthexchange (very rare fandoms, ships, or characters) are taking nominations and I'm crouched behind the couch with my tail twitching, trying to decide if I should pounce on them. Metaphorically.

I wrote a lot for [community profile] nonconathon -- my assignment and three pinch hits -- and none of them are the breakout hits of the exchange (original works are the way to go there, not weird small fandoms), but the recipients seem pleased and I got to do some interesting and varied dynamics, so overall a success. And I got two things gifted to me, both of which were delicious!

cut for details; fandoms are Voltron and Fire Emblem Fates )


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