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LOOK MORE POSTS ABOUT A REVITALIZED RELATIONSHIP. If you want out, just tell me. There's going to be some mild D/s discussion throughout these posts about her.

Back in 2005 we were both immature and didn't know what we wanted.
I made the big leap to say that I was here, I'd never left, and I found out she'd come into her own in a few ways after that.

It's a long story, only not, only it is, only it comes down to her admitting she missed me and me admitting I'd missed her control. Permission granted to indulge in it, again, because I have a lovely primary who understands, but doesn't really verbalize, his discomfort with power play. But I need a little.

So I asked her for an assignment. That gives her tons of leeway, and we could be creative together in a public or private way. Tonight I got it. And I am blown away by her creativity and memory and the upshot is that it actually forces me to work on my craft and won't just be indulgence. The last few years have been good for her, I think, even though there were strong challenges.

Also, I did a bizarre Tarot reading when thinking about it. I did five cards, in a one / three / one layout from top to bottom. The top I named 'where we were', the middle three 'what has changed' and the bottom 'outcome.' It came out thusly:
Six of Wands
Temperance - Tower (R) - The Devil
Four of Wands

That is some goddamn distribution.
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