Oct. 10th, 2013

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This is my final revision - I had a placeholder, then a letter I typed on my phone while at work, and now this one.  Sorry for the delay!  I worked a bunch of long overnight shifts and there's no DW access there.  

Please enjoy writing. I wrote a lot down here, and a bit of it's rambly. All of my requests have wiggle room in them, which is on purpose. I'd rather you enjoy writing - and not get locked into a really specific time or place setting in a fandom if I can help it - since this is a gift.

Yuletide is great.  I believe it is a sense of general creativity throughout and beyond big fandom.  I do not generally get involved in any meta stuff, and I'm not as prolific as I used to be under other names.   

I believe that the muse strikes sometimes in ways we cannot expect, especially with people we don't know well.  As such, I say that I bow to your knowledge of what you are comfortable writing and what your strengths and weaknesses are.  If you are inspired in a way I did not anticipate, go for it!

I really appreciate quality over quantity.  I'd be happier with a good, strong short piece than a rambling one that is really long.  I'm a huge short-story reader and I can love a novella and a three-page piece that makes me stop and think or gasp or visualize.  

Ratings:  I have pretty high tolerances for both smut and violence but I'm a.big fan myself of the 'fade to black' technique to let the imagination fill in, so if that's how you work, I get it.  If you do want to write smut, I've put some notes below all the other notes.

If you're like 'Ugh, this Marsh, not my thing at all,' I get that too.  I'm a big fan of pulpy fiction and set building and environments, as detailed below (and evident by my choices, really.)  

Request 1: Ghost B.C. (Band) - Fandom  
Characters: Papa Emeritus II, a Nameless Ghoul
This is a very small band fandom.  There is some raunchy stuff on Tumblr but it occasionally just gets removed.  Here's the deal: I love the cheesy, fake Satanic occult rock thing.  The costumes, the leering, the sets, the droning music.  I'd prefer a fix set in the world presumed by such a thing existing, dark and serious and everything the 1980s Satanic panic was about. There doesn't have to have sex or gore but a sense of doom or of utter hedonism would be ideal.
References: *MUSIC AUTOPLAY*: http://www.infestissumam.com/ (official site, streams entire second album.)
*VIDEO AUTOPLAY* Youtube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxr5sKyK8ys&list=RD02Dxr5sKyK8ys

Request 2: Motorcity
I have no real specific request for this.  The whole world, the setting, the crapsack and utopian worlds, ugh, they begged for a more mature setting than Disney could give them.  I'd love just worldbuilding or day in the life of a character from any subgroup or caste.  A treatment of how religion changes is one thing I've contemplated, among other things about how society changes when it goes through such a hugh shock.  Of course, optional bonus points for the Duke being skeevy.  Or just being himself.  Same thing.  Purple prose welcome with worldbuilding.  

Request 3: Cthulhu Mythos - H. P. Lovecraft  
Character: Nyarlathotep
Again, I'm really into ceremony and environment; with Nyarlathotep as a character, I prefer the Egyptian human-looking incarnation, or the god as Randolph Carter sees him in 'The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath'.    Again, purple prose, even psychedelic prose would be interesting if you're up to it.  Played more straight, putting him in a modern (post 9/11?) setting or a cyberpunk or Ancient Near East are all possibilities I'm particularly fond of.
Reference Material: http://www.dagonbytes.com/thelibrary/lovecraft/nyarlathotep.htm

Request 4: Political RPF - US 21st c.  
Character: Julian Assange

This is the one request that I'd actually prefer no smut, versus a more 'anything goes' approach for the others.  This is a tricky sort of thing in that I never really wanted RPF because I thought it was kind of creepy.  But the world presented us with a man who is almost too much to be real, such an antihero or villain depending on one's POV.  A such, I'd kind of prefer a less real setting, a more obviously fictionalized one.  Sci-fi ala Gibson/Stephenson, or even weird fiction?  Go for it.

Sorry about this.  You know, if you have a good idea, just go for it.  Know that in my heart as long a you treat his beautiful, undyed hair well, I'll be happy.  

Thank you again, dear author.  Let the mind percolate well.

So you want to write porn... )


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