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For the first time ever, I wasn't thorough enough!  Brain was a little wonky and I was out of the country for a bit, so it was a bit delayed but here it is....
 In your notes about smut (for the fandoms where you want it), you don't say if you prefer het or slash or are happy with both?
I slightly prefer slash (f/f or m/m) over het but I like both.   (whoops silly queer Marsh forgets about gender when people have nice hair.)
Do you like crossovers? If so, do you prefer it to be plausibly set up or just random? Do you like Welcome To The Night Vale as a crossover fandom?
I actually would refer my writer to what I wrote last year (Solvency)  The idea there was that it was a hint of Lovecraft in the Black Books fandom.  These two don't cross over at all, but it's plausible in that  the 'cross over' part relies on the fictional books from Lovecraft's (& circle's) writings that were borrowed among writers for atmosphere and plot points and so on.  WTNV is AWESOME but it's a huuuge fandom and I don't necessarily want to alienate anyone reading it for whichever YT primary fandom is.  I guess what I'm saying is I like the idea of hints, but a full on crossover gives me some ethical wobblies.  Blaming Strexcorp for, well, anything, or that Franchia or Night Vale are visitable (or secret!  government conspiracy!) places are cool.  
Go Right Ahead exception: If you're doing the Lovecraft prompt, OH YEAH GO AHEAD AND CROSS THAT OVER.  
Do you like AUs to explore changes to explore how small changes can change things?
I like that kind of AU; I prefer alternate history stuff to changing a setting or species or gender.  (eg, Homestuck with trolls reimagined as humans is not my thing, but 'what if an event never happened' expansions can be cool and are more interesting, IMO.)  
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rev_marsh: a view of a sunset in a sort of dytopian city, high up in the skyscrapers, sort of isometric view (Default)

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