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Please enjoy writing. I wrote a lot down here, and a bit of it's rambly. All three of my requests have wiggle room in them, which is on purpose. I'd rather you enjoy writing - and not get locked into a really specific time or place setting in a fandom if I can help it - since this is a gift. 
I've left the rating up to you - you can write as explicit or gen as you like (although some are more plausible than others.)  
For All Requests:
The Duke of Detroit
Any rating 
"I would love The Duke skeeving on any of the Burners, but him being all possessive over anyone or anything is delicious as well."  

Every once in a while, I'll read something or watch something and I just get allllll into one character.  I was kind of digging Motorcity - mostly because my friend-with-benefits said it was good - and then this guy showed up.  He's got this delightfully Luciferian sort of lawful-evil personality, 'better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven' concept and that is my most favorite type ever.  The undercurrent of 'what he wants, he gets' is ripe with potential.  So what, or who, is it?  And what does he do to try to get it?  He can, of course, fail...and another option is to explore what happens then, after his graceful public acceptance of defeat.  
Request 2 
Candle Cove  
Rating: any w/r/t violence but I'd prefer no sex involved. 
"Meta, non-meta, don't care. Creep me out the way it does, subtle and familiar."

I'd love an episode, although I'd prefer prose rather than a screenplay or chat-log discussion.  
Or is it real?  Like, real-real, not just a show?  What made the Cove?  How did the beings there end up there?   Is there some sort of Lovecraftian vibe going on?  
Alternately, how did the show affect someone, or a group of kids?  
I'd like to explore the dark-madness sort of vibe of this, but I can't really find a great direction to point you in.  

Request 3
Choice of Broadsides  
Rating: any 
Captain Villeneuve (Choice of Broadsides) Female Protagonist (Choice of Broadsides)
"The women here aren't frail little flowers. Write them strong and, if you can, funny. Gen or romance are fine. Vascillating between 'I love you!/I hate you!' is also delicious."  

(The last part is totally influenced by my Homestuck experiences, I admit.)  
I don't have much experience with this genre of writing, the whole Aubrey-Maturin.series, and I don't necessarily have any associations or preferences.  (Or, uh, much knowledge of ships, or French, or protocol.)  I do like the idea of an alternative reality with strong women who are the ones considered more appropriate for this sort of lifestyle.  I think I'd like something regarding protocol and formality and if that formality happens to fall off in private quarters, it can, either as honest friendship or something more.  I really could go either way with this.  

Special notes: 
If you do write erotic-type content:
 I enjoy some of the 'grey area' kinks, like questionable consent or non-con, sharp things, and blood play. I enjoy both physical and psychological aspects of D/s, but not lifestyle D/s fic.    Specific things I'm not into: Genderswap, pregnancy (normal, magical, whatever, not my thing), vore, piercings, excretia.  
I will make sure anonymous commenting is on for this post in case you have questions about anything. 
A great thank you for doing Yuletide. I know it can be rough trying to get into someone's head and write something they'll like while enjoying the writing yourself. I've had years where my assignment was boring; I've had years where my recipient vanished; I've had some good ones, too. (I've changed handles, which is why you won't find my name in the archive.) But I want you to have fun and be in your pleasure zone/comfort area as much as possible. 

There's not much public in the rest of my journal (there isn't much here in general, I use it mostly for fandom and I'm crazy busy these last two years), but feel free to browse around.
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